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B.Group usually intervenes in companies that are past the start-up phase and have already achieved a turnover of at least 10 million euros. The most interesting companies for B.Group possess high profitability and a competitive market leadership position in their field;
B.Group gives its full attention to management quality and integrates the organisational structure with selected resources when appropriate;
B.Group primarily invests in companies of Northern and Central Italy, with the aim to help them succeed and position their business on a path to international leadership in their sector. Particular attention is paid to companies located in Emilia-Romagna;
B.Group examines investment opportunities with the precise aim of creating value, regardless of the business sector, always in partnership with the company's management. Due to such a perspective, B.Group invests in companies operating in both the industrial and the service sectors, particularly in the mechanical, electronic, food, environmental and energy sectors. B.Group does not generally invest in real estate, or in the financial sectors.
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