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Intervention areas

B.Group can perform both buyouts of companies with a solid and stable profit margin and operations of higher complexity and risk level.

In particular, it can perform three types of intervention:

Operation type
Operation description
Added value of B.Group
Expansion capital 
Share capital inflow, even minority, to support accelerated growth of the company's activity (internationalisation, competitor buyout, new business area entry, etc.).
Industrial and financial skills, relations and capital to encourage and speed up growth.
Buy Out 
Acquisition of majority or full share of company, either by management buy out or management buy in. 
Strategic coaching and financial support to ease the generational shift and the transformation of managers into entrepreneurs.
Industrial relaunch
Acquisition of majority or full share of company, to reorganise the industrial and/or financial structure and promote its relaunch.
Experience in company relaunches, capital and credibility with banks to ease the company transformation.

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