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“Accelerating the success of partner companies while sharing their business risk, with the aim of maximising long term value creation
BB.Group’s industrial background allows it to go beyond the simple role of financial resources supplier. This allows it to provide partner companies with experience and with its industrial, institutional and financial skills and relations.
  • B.Group carries out investments in partnership with management or with the entrepreneur always starting by sharing the aims and the plan to achieve them first;
  • B.Group has no intention to manage the company and leaves the management of the portfolio companies a wide margin of autonomy: the aim is to combine B.Group’s strengths with those of management to guarantee a balanced and long-lasting economic development;
  • B.Group’s contribution to partner companies is entrepreneurial. This means sharing skills, keeping a high level of flexibility in all the operational activities and rigorously complying with ethical principles;
  • A key element of B.Group’s approach is the constant drive to understand the business of the partner company, so as to make informed contributions to management decisions and provide active support when appropriate.
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