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Art Division
Alongside industrial activity, B.Group operates an art investment arm via a specially-designated management company (Art Capital Partners S.p.A.).
Art Capital Partners specialises in managing of entrepreneurial projects in the world of fine art by adapting and using the same techniques, methods and strategies used in the field of private equity.
ACP’s entrepreneurial projects focus on building up themed art collections, promoting them in the medium/long-term and eventually selling them off.
Art Capital Partners dedicates itself exclusively to high-profile projects, focusing on artists who have already risen to certain renown within their field but have not yet fully realised their potential.
Thank to their wide range of specialist skills, the ACP team is able to boost the artist and his or her work to the highest levels—generating significant returns both for the artist and the investors.
Art Capital Partners, thanks to its organisational structure and its rigorous monitoring, guarantees high ethical standards along with a strong independence and quick decision-making and execution.
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