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Distinctive features
A wide and varied expertise
To its team and to its network of highly experienced managers, B.Group can provide partner companies with a full combination of competencieswithin business management, finance and strategic consultancy. Such complementary expertise is necessary especially in a business’s key moments of decisionmaking: internationalisation, buyout of competitors, launching new business areas, financial and organisational restructuring, management turnover and succession management.
Flexibility and rapid decision-making
B.Group’s business background allows it to take decisions rapidly and with a high level of flexibility, together with a highest freedom of action and without the typical constraints of bank or financial closed-end funds, which are usually subject to very strict contractual standards. It is our steadfast opinion that the industrial and financial partner of a company has to be rapid and flexible in its approach.  
Methodological approach
B.Group commands an industrial and financial know-how that it shares with its partner companies so as to develop their strategic expertise, and to assist and favour their success. B.Group focuses on value creation (strategic and financial planning, organisational and financial restructuring, mergers and buyouts, management incentivisation, etc.) and value measurement (company assessment, management control, synergy quantification in mergers, etc.). 
Transparency, partnership, real value, networks and social culture are just some of the fundamental business values B.Group brings to every partnership. From our perspective, they are all values that build the foundations of how entrepreneurs succeed.  Their objective is to create—through their companies--a long-lasting benefit for themselves and their societies. In particular, while pursuing value creation, B.Group aims at making all its associated companies become a model of successful business culture, so that other companies can use them as benchmarks.
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